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[tab title=”What is A.C.T.S.?”]

What is A.C.T.S.?

A.C.T.S. is a curriculum-based, self- help, & recovery and educational program. A.C.T.S. is designed to help the individual or family deal with the problems associated with alcohol and chemical abuses. Curriculum based, A.C.T.S. offers a holistic approach that encompasses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of an individual.


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The knowledge obtained through A.C.T.S. can help to heal the pain of dysfunctional relationships associated with alcohol & chemical abuses. This, in turn, is a valuable tool in helping break the cycle and pattern of abuse so often prevalent among families.


[tab title=”A.C.T.S. Benefits”]

A.C.T.S. Benefits:

A.C.T.S. stresses the importance of the participant accepting responsibility for a successful recovery and reinforces positive character development. A.C.T.S. diffuses many possible problem are- as and often prevents costly loss of property and lives. Community actions: A.C.T.S. is a community based substance abuse program, brought to your through the efforts of concerned and certified instructors. These instructors come from all walks of life, and have made themselves available to fight in the war against alcohol & chemical abuse in your community.


[tab title=”Twelve Week Course”]

A 12 Week Course

1) Alcohol
2) Cocaine
3) Crack
4) Marijuana
5) Narcotics
6) Inhalants
7) Designer Drugs
8) Hallucinogens
9) PCP
10) Barbiturates
11) Stimulants
12) Alcohol & Drug Dependence


  • Educational information, covering physical, psychological, physiological & emotional changes associated with alcohol or chemical abuses
  • Visual illustration, applied to enhance the Educational aspect of the lessons
  • Historical application, in this the Visual & Educational segments are linked with a story, which gives the class participant complete under- standing of the lesson. This in turn empowers the participant to relate the lesson to their own problems, fears, and desires.





A.C.T.S. is supported through private contributions.