Aftershock Youth Ministries

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Aftershock Youth Ministries is an integral part of Abundant Life and vital to its growth.  The youth are involved in every service in some capacity from singing, to dramas, to the music department.

The first and last Friday of each month, service is held in the Aftershock Youth Chapel where youth minister to youth.  Young people lead the service, sing, play music, and sometimes even minister the Word.

The Youth Team coordinates and leads A.Y.M with a passion for young people and their souls.  Not only does the Youth Team plan the youth services, but they also plan awesome activities year round.

A Youth Meeting is held every month to help build camaraderie and to promote spiritual growth.  Some events and activities the Youth Team plans include ice skating, game nights, bon-fire parties, scavenger hunts, prayer journeys, outreach parties, and much much more!

If you are 12 yrs. to 36 yrs. and unmarried, come and join us for at time the will shake the generation around us!

Contact the Youth Team for more information.

Bro. Jon & Sis. Reese Coffey