Rev. Jeremy VanLue

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Pastor VanLue began his ministry here at Abundant Life at just 16 years of age and shortly there after became the youth minister under the guidance of then Pastor Jerry G. VanLue.  Pastor VanLue was a youth minister for 4 years before being voted in as the Asst. Pastor of Abundant Life in 2004.  Serving as Asst. Pastor for 4 years he felt the call of God to the evangelistic field in December of 2008.  After only eight months on the road, God had other plans!

Pastor VanLue is filled with passion for the lost and is a true servant at heart.  A prayer warrior full of vision constantly looking to lift the church into a perpetual revival, Pastor VanLue is exhausting all efforts to reach the communities around Abundant Life.

Rev. Jerry G. VanLue

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Bishop VanLue served 7 years on the evangelistic field before God settled him in Danville, Indiana.  Bishop VanLue began his pastorate in the building we now utilize as our youth chapel.  Four years after putting his hands to the helm, Bishop VanLue opened the doors to a brand new church building.  Evangelizing the surrounding communities, He guided the assembly of DAC to growth both spiritually and physically.

After faithfully serving, teaching, preaching, and living as an example to all for 38 years, on August 2, 2009, Bishop VanLue turned the helm over to his very capable son.  He continues on in serving DAC in a leadership and mentoring capacity.